Do you look for the weird when you travel? Gabriela Garcia uncovered some of the world’s most unusual museums.

Don’t get me wrong–I love the Louvre in Paris and the Museum of
Natural History in New York as much as the next person. But there’s a
certain exhilaration that comes with hiking up a mountain and
discovering a palace full of local antiquities, or traversing a much
beloved city and stumbling across an experimental art collection I
never knew existed. The world is full of oddities, avant-garde art
work, mesmerizing scientific occurrences, and forgotten histories just
waiting to be found. If you’re interested in some mental exploration
beyond the usual, these ten museums will lead you in the right


Wunderkammer3.JPG1. Wunderkammer, Melbourne, Australia

German for wonder chambers, were nature collections that formed the
first “museums” long before the sterile, glass-enclosed institutions of
today. In this museum-shop hybrid (pictured, above), the scientifically nostalgic are
invited to gape at specimens in bell jars, mounted butterflies, animal
fossils, and vintage medical instruments that sit on shelves straight
out of a 19th century storybook (or the lair of a mad scientist).
2. Iga Ryu Ninja Museum, Mie Prefecture, Japan
near one of the top schools of 14th-century ninjutsu, the Iga
Ryu Ninja Museum honors this “art of stealth.” As spectators make their
way through the ninja residence’s trapdoors, secret passages, and
revolving walls, a guide dressed in full ninja garb explains the tools,
tricks, and secret ink messages that allowed ninjas to perform such
feats as walking on water and stopping a sword with bare hands. Museum-goers are invited to try out some tricks themselves, after watching
wild demonstrations that put any video game to shame.

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