Itching for an adventure, but want to set your sights on something a little out of the ordinary? Look no further.

Treat yourself to a wholly unique experience with any one of these offbeat adventures:

Live Like a Bedouin in Egypt

If the adventures above sound too tame for you, consider immersing yourself in the life of a desert nomad in Egypt. U.K.-based Secret Compass offers a unique minimalist two-week expedition to steep travelers in Bedouin culture while leading them across the Sinai Peninsula with camels in tow.

The 143-mile route meanders past desert dunes, slot canyons, natural plunge pools, and lush desert oases, and includes scaling the country’s highest peak—Mount Catherine, at 8,625 feet. Expect to help bake bread each morning, trade camels and barter for food with Bedouin tribes, and sleep beneath a wool blanket under a black sky sprayed with twinkling stars.

Tip: As the company admits, this is a “bare bones” undertaking. If you’re looking to unplug completely and willing to soldier on with only the clothes on your back, you’ve found the adventure for you.

Climb Trees in the Amazon

To experience the Amazon rain forest from the ground is to scratch just the surface of its vast tangle of diversity. Most of the action takes place far overhead. Embrace your inner kid with Tropical Tree Climbing to get a bird’s eye view, deep in the wilds of Amazonas, in northern Brazil.

After ascending on ropes up to 200 feet, settle into a canvas hammock for close encounters with monkeys, orchids, birds, butterflies and other flora and fauna that thrives high in the forest canopy. Feeling especially bold? Opt to stay in the trees after dark to hear the night forest come alive as fireflies emit their magical intermittent glow.

Tip: Bring your camera, as the shots will be unforgettable from your perch among the leaves.

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