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Highlights of Prague, Czech Republic

In many ways, Prague is the perfect city break option. It is crammed full of so much gorgeous architecture – from many eras – that most other cities should be insanely jealous. You walk around the streets cooing at buildings, most of which have been lovingly preserved and...
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Packing: 10 Things NOT to Forget

For some last–minute types packing for a vacation involves stuffing a handful of items into a suitcase and running out the door. For others, it is a process that requires meticulous planning, a detailed list and piles of stuff laid out on the bed. Whichever packing camp you belong...
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Buon Compleanno Italia! Happy Birthday Italy!

When you think of Italy it is hard to get beyond images of ancient Romans filing into the Colosseum in its heyday; Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel or carving David’s steely thighs. So how can it be that Italy is this year celebrating its 150th birthday?...
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