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Author Archives: Tom Germain

Will Tomorrow be Summer or Winter?

If you hear a Colombian talking about “verano” and “invierno”, summer and winter, he or she is not referring to seasons, but rather weather. If it is raining, it is winter, while if it is sunny, it is summer. Thus yesterday coul......
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About Colombian Women

I periodically get inquiries from bozos asking me about Colombian women. They basically want to know if they are “easy”.  In short, these guys are so inept at seducing women that they are willing to travel thousands of miles to meet Latina......
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A Lesson in Paisa Speak

So, you think you’re fluent in Spanish? That’s nice, but just like someone from New Jersey might have a little trouble understanding the speech of someone from Jersey, the Channel island, or vice-versa, you might need a helping hand in gras......
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104 Dollars a Month = Middle Class!

It was just a few days ago that I expressed disbelief that Juan Ricardo Ortega, the director of the DIAN, the Colombian government's taxation agency, said that if you make more than 4 million pesos a month, or about 2240 US dollars at current exchange ......
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27,000 Dollars a Year = Rich

The DIAN, the tax collection branch of the Colombian government, recently said that anybody earning more than four million pesos a month, or about 2244 dollars, is considered rich in this country and should pay more taxes. Really?!...
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Security Advisory: Traveling within Colombia

I hate to be the alarmist, but the problems with security in Colombia are still very real and not to be trifled with. The crowning achievement of the Uribe administration was that we could finally travel by land between most cities without fear of ru......
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Corruption: Bigger Problem than Violence?

Recently the headlines in Colombia have mostly been about newly uncovered multimillion dollar scams deep within government organizations and/or private enterprises which bill governments. Corruption has been sucking public funds for decades, but just n......
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Working in Colombia

Things are expensive in developing countries, but human labor generally is not. As a result, wages rarely reflect the cost of living. Even an university graduate well into his career might not be able to afford to buy a home and an automobile, and migh......
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