Brasilia-based writer Diogo Alcantara notes that with an increase in international flight options, traveling for Brazilians has never been easier.

Airplane and SugarloafInternational trips for Brazilians for a long time were limited to traditional destinations, such as Buenos Aires, New York, Miami, London, and Paris. But Brazil’s growing economy and a stronger currency is changing the scenario, making it possible — and more common — to see people flying further and more often. Claudia Gonçalves, a friend of mine who covers the presidency for Record Television in Brazil, is going to Sri Lanka this year, and she has already been in Australia, South Africa, Egypt, and Israel, as well as Europe and the North America. Another friend has just been in Istanbul, other in Doha. It may seem strange, but for us, visiting this many different places would have been unbelievable just one decade ago.

You can see this demand in the increasing number of international airlines that are flying non-stop to Brazil. São Paulo–the main hub in Brazil–is now receiving daily flights from Dubai (by Emirates), Istanbul (by Turkish Airlines), Tel Aviv (by El Al), and more recently, from Doha (by Qatar Airways). Other cities, like Brasilia, are now starting to be a destination for international flights, too–TAP from Lisbon, LAN from Lima, Delta from Atlanta and in November, American from Miami. And if the Brazilian government’s predication is right, and we will become the fifth largest economy in the world in the next decade, we should see even more airlines make inroads here.

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