La Tomatina 2010

  • Wednesday marked the annual La Tomatina festival in Buñol, Spain, in which thousands of revelers descend upon the town square for an extravaganza of tomato-throwing. No one really knows how or why the festival began in 1945, but it’s apparently just as messy as it sounds – the local fire brigade is on hand to hose off participants afterward. [BBC]

  • Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands was on hand for the unveiling of the new Holland Boulevard at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, an ambitious restructuring project that includes a brand new library, living-room-style lounges (complete with pianos, couches and televisions), areas for babies and children, high-class retail outlets, and a variety of food and bar options. The zone is meant to promote Dutch cultural awareness and provide a higher level of comfort for the airport’s 40 million-plus yearly visitors. [Moodie Report]

  • A report released yesterday names Britain as the country with the fewest visa restrictions, giving its citizens access to over 160 of the 190 world countries and territories with available data. The United States clocks in at number seven, with Iraq and Afghanistan at the bottom of the list. [The Economist]

Photo: flydime via Flickr

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