Song SaaCambodia has long been a destination known for its rich cultural heritage and extraordinary history. However, most visitors to the country are unaware of the beautiful coastal region of Sihanoukville & Ream that lies just 220 km from Phnom Penh. One of the most unspoiled coastlines anywhere in South East Asia, Sihanoukville & Ream is an up and coming destination for those who are looking for the next big thing.

The coastline of Sihanoukville & Ream boasts a wide range of impressive beaches, each distinct and unrivalled in comparison to the beaches of popular tourist destinations like Thailand and Bali. Located on the beautiful coastline of Sihanoukville, Sokha Beach and Independence Beach are blissfully peaceful, with stretches of soft white sand just waiting for visitors to mark their footprints. Further East, discover Occheuteal Beach, backed by a row of casuarina trees. Stretching for 4 km, visitors can make the most of the water sports available here such as banana boating and jet skiing. Ream lies 18 km East of Sihanoukville, a charming fishing village with beautiful, long beaches that border Ream National Park, a stunning 150 sq km of primary forest and 60 sq km of marine habitat.

The area is also famous for its crystal clear waters and abundant marine life. An extraordinary diving destination, Song Saa Island is paving the way for eco-friendly tourism in the country and encouraging marine wildlife protection in the region through a dedicated marine biology team who founded the first private marine protected area in the country. Opening there in 2011 will be Song Saa Island Resort, an ultra-luxurious and intimate collection of villas aimed to cater to the area’s growing beach tourism.

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