This year Ramadan will start in August. If you plan to travel Istanbul in Ramadan you may want to find out what you should do and not in this period. Here are a few things you should consider about this issue:

In Ramadan there are a lot of Turks fast. But there are also a lot, who don’t fast. Refraining from eating and drinking in public would be the best during the day time. However, it’s really related to where you are as Istanbul is a very big city. Considering that you will be around touristic places like Taksim, Beyoğlu, The Grand Bazaar, you will not even notice Ramadan has started as you will see a lot of people in the restaurants during the day time. Some of them are tourists, and the others are Turks. Most of cafes, tea houses will also be open. So this issue won’t be such a big problem for you.

In addition, there is one thing you should consider about: Having dinner around fast breaking time may be little problem as most restaurants will be very crowded and it will be hard to find seats.

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