who can blame my co-host, Erin Kirkland, for being excited? After all, she’s taking off on a big trip to Southeast Alaska on Alaska’s Marine Highway. Above: The m/v Tustumena sails into Kodiak. Listen in to hear our conversation with Danielle Adkins. She called in from Ferry HQ in Ketchikan to talk about the three parts of the ferry, the a-la-carte nature of ferry travel–and the whole “real people” feel of the state’s fleet!

In the studio, we welcomed Lindsey Whitt with the Port of Anchorage…or as she refers to it “Alaska’s Port”.  Right, you can see Erin and I enjoy company in the KOAN studio! This summer, the port is offering free tours on Sundays so folks can get an up-close-and-personal look at how goods and services arrive by ship in Anchorage.

I know–we’re mentally “at sea” here on the Alaska Travelgram radio show. But really, it’s all about the boats this week. Tune in next week–Erin and I BOTH will be calling in. Guest-host Ethan Tyler will be directing traffic. Pray for him. HA!