This week’s LG of the Week, Kimberly Fisher, links her love of travel with her heritage. She spent summers exploring places which represented her diverse background. She wasn’t a ‘by the book’ person, and embraced the world around her without limitations.


I have always been a lost girl wandering the planet since I was a child. Part bookworm, part social butterfly, part connoisseur globetrotter…I have always been curious about off-the-beaten path adventures and other cultures. That curiosity have taken me to almost every U.S. State and 39 different countries so far.

The Lost Girl mentality started partly due to growing up in Alaska with an Asian mother and English/American Indian Father. Spending many summers traveling to places that represented my heritage will forever be imprinted in my mind.  With outdoor activities such as snowboarding, ice fishing and sled dogging being “the norm”, my sense of adventure has varied from feeding sharks in Tahiti to zip lining in Mexico to exploring the jungles of Belize.

Living in such in such eclectic surroundings (Alaska to Las Vegas to Los Angeles), I never followed the by-the-book routine. No one ever told me I couldn’t do anything, so the thought never crossed my mind. I graduated high school early. I traveled the world as a model while getting a college degree, then as a volunteer teaching English and again as a travel writer. I have had authentic Brazilian BBQ in Rio, ridden a camel in the Gobi Desert, hiked down a volcano in Guatemala, and saw pink prawns on a Wayaka Island in Fiji.
I started giving back to the community at an early age, and still continue helping out charities that deal with children and education. The Make a Wish Foundation, and are all very important to me.  You learn a lot about yourself when you travel. Patience. Perseverance. You develop a special relationship with nature. Your senses seemed heightened with the different sights, sounds and smells of new, exotic places.

Traveling to different places and experiencing different cultures teaches you to appreciate not only what is out there, but our own culture. If you are a strong individual with clear goals, you can accomplish anything. Roaming the world you seem to connect with other like-minded people that have climbed to the top of their professional, defeated hurdles and challenges and made the most out of what they had.

While I am not traveling the world, I am working on my online travel boutique and blog and, a booking service for spokesmodels and public speakers.

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