Photo: Wow–I TOOK these pictures! Above, on the valley floor by the shores of the Chilkat River, I turned around to see leaves of gold, framed by the rugged peaks of the Chilkat Mountains. That’s my trusty Avis RAV4 on the left. It served us well on our circle tour through Canada.

Left, the wake from the Fairweather glistens in the afternoon sun on the way back to Juneau.

Left, sunset from Chez Lende overlooking the Chilkat River.

Whew. Back in the U.S.A.! Land of bandwidth. We had a great trip through Canada. Back in the studio, we detail some of the highlights of our “Golden Circle” trip through Skagway, Whitehorse, Haines Junction and back down to Haines. With the planes, the ferries and the car. New people, new places, new adventures–a great time was had by all.

In the studio with us: Scott Slone of AlaskaHDTV. We’re talking with Erin Kirkland of about great road trips around the state–and some other great adventures that are worth doing–many of which we’ve done in October! Yup–travel is a big job, 12 months out of 12! Tune in. Listen up. And ACT!

Left, just a beautiful view looking up the Chilkat River Valley. Awesome.