Photo: Beer Can HotelOur former colleague Emily Haile, who blogs at the Travel Telegraph, recently wrote a piece in Draft Magazine about Denmark’s Skanderborg Music Festival, or Smukfest. Like many festivals, it’s an annual outdoor concert where partygoers can listen to acts like Eric Clapton, Lenny Kravitz, Beck, Björk, and Green Day, all of whom have performed there in the past. The one major difference? After a full day of listening to music, you can rest up in a huge beer can-shaped aluminum pod. She explains:

In lieu of living in a tent, some lucky attendees sleep in one of 114,
two-story aluminum Royal Unibrew beer cans, enlarged to 12.5 feet high.
Covered in golden, bubbly wallpaper and furnished entirely by Ikea, the
first floor features a small living area and a minibar that’s
replenished each day. When the dweller’s ready to turn in, he climbs
the ladder to a circular double bed and pops the skylight.

The CanSleep units are arranged in communities of six-packs, and are rented for about $145 each night. The Smukfest concert series will run from August 4-8 this summer. (Check here for the full schedule.)

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Photo: NewCom

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