• Petra National Trust is preparing to launch a Junior Ranger Program to help spread youth awareness of the cultural, natural, and architectural heritage of Petra Archaeological Park. A pilot program is currently underway, engaging local students ages 7-9 in hands-on activities, designed to create a sense of identity and national pride in the site. [Petra National Trust via @zainyh]
  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has decided it will phase out its color-coded threat level advisory system over the next few months. The system has been criticized for ‘scaring not preparing’ Americans, leaving citizens unclear what to do in the event of a change in the threat level from one color to another. The advisory system will be replaced with a more specific public alert system. [ABC News]
  • Send those winter blues out to sea on a cruise vacation. Discover warm sandy beaches and sparkling blue water with The Telegraph‘s guide to the best cruise routes and operators. [Telegraph]

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