Michigan Central Station.png

  • Are hipsters saving Detroit? A new web project sets out to highlight the creative efforts being made by the city’s DJs, artists, musicians, and designers who hope to re-imagine the metropolis. A tour featuring some of these new ideas, called “Detroit Lives,” is hosted by none other than Johnny Knoxville. [Palladium Shoes via Neatorama]
  • Think your vacation photos are top notch? Everyone else may not agree. Spud Hilton identifies six reasons why your travel photos stink — from bad framing to being too far away — over at the SF Chronicle
  • A South American theme park company has submitted a proposal to build first Christian theme park in Europe in Mallorca, Spain. The company, which already operates a similar park in Buenos Aires, anticipates a slate of experiences that include reenactments of the Last Supper and live resurrections. [Jaunted via The Guardian]

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Photo: Michigan’s Central Station in Detroit, which was designed by the same architects who designed New York’s Grand Central terminal. It has been abandoned since 1988. By My Shot user Brittany Thomasson.

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