• national mall 2.jpegWhile traveling, I strive to stick to the wise (and diarrhea-free)
    traveler’s adage: “If you can’t cook it or peel it, forget it!” and order my
    drinks without ice. Maybe there’s a little more leeway than that; check out Laurel
    Miller’s five tips to successfully eating street food here.
  • Getting ready to travel this holiday season? Dreading having
    to sit next to an “oversized” passenger on a long-haul flight to Grandma’s? Rob
    Goldstone–5’7″ and 285 pounds–shows us the other side of the coin in “The
    Tricks and Trials of Traveling While Fat.”
    He explains how he’s adapted his traveling techniques (buying two seats,
    beseeching flight attendants for a seat-belt extender at the start of flights)
    and details some of the surprises he’s encountered while traveling the world while
    fat: being told not to ride Vietnam’s rickshaws, struggling to pass through a
    bus’s turnstile en route to a Rio beach, and being playfully poked in the belly
    by curious kids in China who thought he resembled the Buddha.

Photo of National Mall by Photo Phiend on Creative Commons.

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