Photo: Wheeled Luggage

  • 2010 marks the the 40th anniversary of wheeled luggage. Just think back to the time when handles alone were expected to help us lug our bags. This invention of the wheel has proved to become an essential element for any traveler, and to think, it was actually rejected by Macy’s when the inventor, Bernard Sadow, first brought them the idea [CNN].
  • Italian museums will be offering free entry from 7 to 11 p.m. on Tuesday evenings through December 28th. The program, called “Martedi in Arte,” is sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and aims to provide cultural opportunities through the economic downturn. [In Transit]
  • Flashing a V sign means a good thing in the U.K. (Victory!) and a bad thing in Australia (Up Yours!). Beckoning with your fingers in the Philippines is done only with dogs. And creating horns with your fingers will imply that a Italian man has been cuckholded. These and other mishaps can occur unless you check out these 10 common gestures that are easily misunderstood abroad. [Matador Travel]

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Photo: Courtesy Briggs & Riley

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