I remember the first time I flew. It was a flight between San Diego and Dallas, and somehow my sister had graciously let me have the window seat (or gave it up to keep me quiet!). The 8-year-old me proceeded to be glued to that window for the entire five-hour flight.

What struck me the most was the idea that we soared over my hometown only minutes after takeoff, when it had taken us over an hour in the car to get to the airport. The idea that we traveled so far so fast was hard to comprehend.

I’d say to my sister, “That’s Imperial?”

“Yes, that’s probably the house over there.”

Not all the romance is gone

As the years went on, the experience of recognizing my hometown landscape (and trying to identify a new city I’m visiting from great heights) has not lost any of its appeal. Seeing oil wells over Texas, the Mississippi River snaking into the gulf, marveling at Mt. Rainer, or outlining the edges of Manhattan are simply amazing sights to behold.

Granted, I’ve become more jaded over the years and with work travel, you sometimes opt for that aisle seat, so you can stretch a bit, or get caught in the middle when I’m last minute and happy to make the flight, or you are traveling with your husband who is also a window seat nut. So when I read the Mark Vanhoenacker’s NY Time’s article about the romance of the window seat, I immediately submitted a recent window-seat shot.

And the great thing is, it was accepted! Have a look (along with dozens of other great window-seat shots).

The shot: Ida on the horizon

I was leaving San Juan, Puerto Rico on the way to the British Virgin Islands. Tropical storm Ida loomed on the horizon and I was set for adventure. I felt a faint mist of humidity mixed rain as I walked out onto the tarmac and climbed the steps. I hopped into the empty window seat in front of us as my husband refused to budge from his front row seat to beaches and waves (a surfer always dreams of the “mysto” spot they will spy from a plane).

My photo from the window seat

My photo from the window seat

After a little rocky takeoff due to the approaching storms, I was treated to the view of San Juan’s beaches amidst the roar of the propellers. After two long flights, most folks wouldn’t have met that third leg with as much enthusiasm, but this last shot carries all of the good vacation fun that lay ahead.

As a good friend once said, “An epic adventure rarely begins with a non-stop flight.”

-Suzann M