The world’s most expensive cheese sandwich has been on display at the Frome Cheese Show in Somerset. Celebrity chef Martin Blunos is the man behind the £110 creation. He worked with local cheese producers Pilgrim’s Choice to come up with the white truffle blend that accounts for much of the sandwich’s hefty price tag.  Here’s the full breakdown of the sandwich’s cost:

White truffle – £92.00
Heirloom blacktomato – £1.51
100-year-old balsamic vinegar £2.25
Pea shoots – 60p
Red mustard frill – 55p
Red amaranth – 55p
2 x fresh figs – £1.36
Epicure apple – 34p
Sourdough loaf – £5.00
Extra virgin olive oil – £1.60
Quail eggs – £1.53
Edible gold dust – £4.30

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