Germans are known to be a nation that loves cars. Hence, Germany prides itself an excellent road network. Moving in and around Germany is easy. The country has different modes of transportation that enable people, especially tourists, to move to the different parts of the country conveniently.

Big cities feature amazing public transport systems. The most common mode of transportation in Germany is road transport. The country has an extensive and well-maintained network of roads that allows one to travel within the country. There are a lot of extremely comfortable and luxurious buses that takes tourists from one city to another. During the night, there is a network of night buses, apparently a cheaper alternative to taking a taxi. If you prefer driving a car, you can do so since there are a lot of car companies like Hertz and others that allow tourists to rent a car and drive on their own. Another common mode of transportation in Germany is the train. The rail network is superb and there are a large number of accessible high-speed trains. Whenever possible, taking the train is recommended over taking the bus which although cheaper is far less comfortable. Germany’s cities also encourage cyclists with designated bicycle lanes. Furthermore, one can also travel by air within Germany. It is the quickest way of moving from one part of the country to another. However, it is more expensive than the other modes of transportation. But due to a decline in prices with the introduction of low-fares airlines, domestic air travel is becoming more attractive.

However, almost all bigger cities suffer from a serious parking problem. Space is often expensive and scarce. One way streets and traffic jams often take place too. When driving on Germany’s motorways, drivers should also be aware of frequent tolls which can make the cost of the journey considerably higher. Despite all these, the different modes of transportation in Germany allow tourists to travel in and around the country in a comfortable and easier manner. They are efficient and their services are good.

One issue that is hard to avoid in using any public transportation is that traveling longer distances can take time and be a bit boring. But due to the advances in modern technology, you may easily find ways to entertain yourself during the trip. For example, you may play poker or watch movies with the help of a laptop or a tablet pc.

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