There are many mosques in Istanbul. They are visited by a lot of tourists every day. As you may know there are some rules during the visit of a mosque. Before talking about the rules you should know that mosques are places where all the issues about life are left out of mind. Muslims only think about death and life after death during worship (namaz, pray). So you may now understand why there are rules and you should consider these while visiting a mosque:

– Take off your shoes at the etrance and put them in the shelf.
– Covering is important. The suitable clothes are long skirt and scarf for ladies, trousers (not shorts) for men.
– Don’t talk and laugh loudly.
– Never walk in front of a praying muslim.
– If it is namaz time (5 times a day), wait for the end of namaz before you enter.

Those are general rules. There may be some different rules according to the mosque. For example some of them don’t allow taking photographs, some of them only allow it without flash.

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