Traveler‘s epic end-of-year “Best of the World” issue—which highlights 20 must-see places to visit in 2016—features a photograph taken by Your Shot member Victor Lima, who joined Nat Geo’s photo community just this year.

The long-exposure image of Salto Corumbá, a breathtaking waterfall located near the geographic center of Brazil, represents the first-ever member-submitted cover in National Geographic history.

“This looks like a magical place and it works perfectly in a vertical composition,” commented Traveler editor in chief Maggie Zackowitz, “especially with the three tiny figures in the foreground to lend a sense of scale.”

Lima’s winning photograph was one of more than 34,000 entries to a Your Shot assignment calling on members to submit photos of their “best place” to correspond with Traveler‘s flagship feature.

I caught up with Victor, who is based in Brasília, to find out why he thinks Salto Corumbá is the “best of the world,” get the scoop on his favorite places to visit in his native Brazil, and see if he had any advice for other aspiring photographers out there who dream of seeing their work on the pages of a National Geographic magazine.

Here’s what he had to say:

Leslie Trew Magraw: What makes the waterfall seen in your winning photograph, Salto Corumbá, so special?

This waterfall is located in the State of Goias, Brazil. (Photograph by Victor Lima, National Geographic Your Shot)
Lima’s winning image graces the cover of National Geographic Traveler’s year-end issue. (Photograph by Victor Lima, National Geographic Your Shot)

Victor Lima: Salto Corumbá is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, found 120 kilometers (75 miles) west of Brasília. It’s a magical thing to get so close to a waterfall this tall (approximately 225 feet) and swim at its feet.

Though surrounded by forest, Salto Corumbá has everything a visitor might want, including restaurants, bars, seven waterfalls (all accessible), cave rivers, horse and hiking trails, water slides, swimming pools, a children’s water park, and opportunities for outdoor (Read more...)

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