Surprise, surprise!  It rained again today in Yellowstone Park.

I went for a walk around the Old Faithful Geyser Basin in between downpours. 

I noticed that there were some new trees down.

It would seem that the roots are very shallow as there isn’t any real dirt here, just obsidian.  The wind blows, the ground is wet and thar she goes.

I know how these trees feel.  My roots are pretty shallow and damp at the moment.

No one warned me that May in Yellowstone is Winter, June is Spring and about the time I leave, Summer arrives. 

I did manage to see a few more geysers…

This is Grotto Geyser…

This is the Morning Glory Pool.

There is a sad story here.

The colors are fading because people are throwing items into it.

The pool is at the end of a path and not many people walk far enough to see it.

I guess that gives them the idea that throwing coins or rocks into it is acceptable. 

Sigh.  Humans are disgusting creatures at times.

Since I couldn’t dig up much trouble today, I decided it was time to run my contest for the bison poo Christmas ornament.

Do I sense some excitement?

Let me read you the description on the back.  Ahem.

“Buffalo Poop Holiday Ornament”
This ornament is molded with real buffalo dung paper pulp, hand-decorated with two authentic “Jingle-Berries”and adorned with yarn made from real bison hair.  The defecation decoration.

Want to visit the web site?

Isn’t that adorable?  Dung and dunger.  Wish I had thought of that.

There is a runner-up prize.

A magnetic book mark with Old Faithful on it.

I’m sure you all want the ornament, but someone has to be a runner-up.

Here’s the deal.  In the comments section, tell me why you deserve the buffalo poop ornament and reassure me that it will have a valued spot on your tree.

After I pick the grand prize winner, the rest of your names will go in a hat and I will draw for the book mark.

You have until Wednesday midnight to convince me that this ornament will go to a good home.

And nut lady…you know who you are…you don’t have to enter cause I’m bringing you one anyway.

Let me know you’re out there.  I know you’re reading even if you don’t comment.  I have telepathic powers. And I do want to hear from you.  It gets lonely here in the wilderness.

Time to wring out my clothes and brush the mildew off my shoes.  Ta ta for now.