I have officially resigned from my minimum wage job.  My last day is the 28th of June which gives hubby and me plenty of time to explore Yellowstone Park together.

I’m trying to squeeze out a tear.  

I think I pulled something, but no tears.

It’s time for some gossip.

Yes, I realize this poster is sexist.

Yes, I would pummel someone who said this to me.

I still think it’s kind of cute in a retro way.

Here’s the big gossip of the day.  Actually, it is a fact.

I have reliable sources but will go to jail before I reveal them.  Unless they threaten me with a Federal offense then I’m singing like a bird.

Remember the girls from my bus tour?

Many Yellowstone Park employees are from Asian countries.  There are agencies that set them up with jobs in the U.S., promising them opportunities to practice their English and a chance to explore our country.  They pay a good chunk of money for the honor of cleaning rooms and working in kitchens.

All of us agree that these young people are an asset to Yellowstone Park.  They are friendly, hard working, and polite.

This season, the company that shall remain nameless, over hired staff.  It seems that last season, they didn’t have enough employees, so they went gang busters this year.  We over floweth with help.  A lot of people have only been getting 3 days of work every week.

Employees in housekeeping and the kitchens have been offered an early out if they leave by the end of June.  That means that they can still get their $3 a day bonus for completing their contract.  Obviously, that didn’t work.

The solution to this problem?  The Asian employees are being terminated.  They have already paid for their round trip tickets and you know what happens when you try to change them….additional costs.  They also haven’t been here long enough to make much money to cover the costs.

There have been tears and disappointments, yet they are too polite to complain.

I debated about posting this, but then…what the hey.  I haven’t told any of the managers about my blog.  Didn’t seem like a wise move.   I’m not world famous, yet, so there seemed no danger of this showing up on CNN.  I hear the oil spill is taking up most of their time.

I’m just reporting the news from my little town, my hot bed of intrigue, my home away from home.

Working for one of the companies that have contracts in Yellowstone Park is no different than working for any corporation.  The bottom line is profit.

The answer to any concern here is, “But you have the privilege of living in Yellowstone Park for the season.  You should be happy.”  I guess it’s just the old hippie in me, but that isn’t the best answer or even an answer for that matter. 

Well, it is what it is.  The wheels of the corporate world keep spinning just like my head.

But I’m going for every bit of fun I can wring out of this place before I leave.  We are out of the rainy season and nature calls.  Not the bathroom…the nature outside. 

Work at 2:30.  Back to the room by 11:00.  Have I mentioned before that our dorm room smells like a gerbil cage? 

Could be a dead yellow bellied marmot under the bed for all I know. 

Until tomorrow.