See this look of horror?  Hubby is preparing for a hike.  In his words, “If you can’t drive there, it isn’t worth seeing.”

But since he is in Yellowstone Park, he decided that maybe he should get off the road and venture down a trail.

I took him to the Lone Star Geyser which is about a 45 minute walk down a paved road.  For hubby, this is the equivalent of basic training.

Note to self….do not drink a cup of coffee before going on a hike.  Walking next to running water causes one to have the urge to, well, you know.  I got to practice more of my roughing it in the woods techniques.

Here’s the path.

Common phrases for the non hiker are…
“How much farther?”
“Are we there yet?”
I heard them a lot on the hike.

This is my artistic shot of moss on the tree.

Here’s hubby climbing over a tree on the path.

Remember, there is very little dirt here.  The trees just fall over.

They may be more dangerous than the bears.

We reached our goal.  The Lone Star Geyser.

It sits all by itself in the middle of nowhere.

It goes off every three hours or whenever it gets the urge.

Hubby was determined to wait it out.

No way he was wasting a 45 mile walk that didn’t end up at a bar with a big screen t.v.

 And then it happened.  Lone Star gave us a show.

 It erupted for at least half an hour.

Here’s another view of our little beauty.

It was well worth the wait.  There was only one other couple there, so for the most part, we had the show to ourselves.

You can have Old Faithful.

We had the Lone Star Geyser.

Much to hubby’s dismay, the return trip was another 45 minutes, but he was glad he made it there.  His circulation thanked him also.

There’s not much time left in Yellowstone and believe it or not, I’m growing misty over the prospect of leaving.  Not sure I can get hubby out for another walk before we leave.

Check in tomorrow for more tales from Yellowstone Park.