It’s been a couple of big days in Yellowstone Park for me and the hubby.  We put on funny tourist clothes and rubber necked our way all around the Park.

This is Roaring Mountain. 

I didn’t hear anything, but the steam does sort of “roar” out of cracks.  It’s best to see this in the morning when it’s cold so the steam is visible.

We went to Mammoth Hot Springs since hubby had never been there.

We met up with my friend, Ken, and climbed to the top of the Terraces.

That’s Mammoth down there in the distance.

Ken and hubby demanded “benching” time before we made it up the stairs to the top.

It almost seems like the surface of the moon.

With blue skies and mountains with snow.

Actually, the moon probably doesn’t look anything like this, but it is eerie.

At the very top, you are treated to a hot springs that pours down the side of the Terraces.

Hubby stayed behind at a bench.

He was upset when he learned that you can drive to the top of the Terraces to see this.

He hinted that I should walk all the way down myself and drive the car to the top to pick him up.

It didn’t happen.

Today we drove the entire loop around Yellowstone Park.

I’ll spare you the details and just hit the good tourist stuff.

This is a baby grizzly that was right beside the road.

A ten year old Japanese boy ran right up to it and turned for his father to take a picture.

Everyone was yelling at them to get back in the car.

Where there’s a baby, there’s usually a mama and she isn’t so cute.  This isn’t Disneyland, folks.  The animals are not animated.  All ended well, as far as we know.

We saw the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone….from 5 or 6 different locations.

Hubby said that it’s better than the other Grand Canyon.

Here I am saying “Cheeseburger” for the umpteenth time for hubby.

He waits until my smile has faded into teeth gritting before he pushes the button, so don’t think that this is how I really smile.

Here’s the petrified hubby looking at a petrified tree.

Actually, only the tree is rock like.

Hubby has his softer moments.

The macho elks are out and about now.

He’s looking good.

Don’t think any of the ladies were out to appreciate him, but there is a season for everything.

So there you have it friends.  The highlights of two days worth of traveling.

I don’t like playing tourist, if you must know.  I liked it much better here when you couldn’t see a car for miles.
At least I was able to experience the Park before the tour buses and RV’s took over.

Tonight, we’re hitting the employee pub for pizza and Moose Drool.  Wish you were here.