I’m in Yellowstone Park and it’s June 17th, right?

It was warm yesterday, as I recall.

I dashed out to work this morning in a sweat shirt jacket and BLAM!

I was knocked back a foot by gale force winds and snow.

I snapped a few pictures outside the Old Faithful Inn.  Cripes!

Throw another log on the fire Lars.

The word is that it usually snows every month in Yellowstone Park. 

I’m not complaining.  I know you find that hard to believe, but the hubby tells me that it’s 95 in Ohio.

I’m not pleasant when I’m sweating.

The Old Faithful Inn was hopping with guests…many in shorts and flip flops. 

Got to love people who don’t check the weather before they travel. 

Since I’ve discovered how to use YouTube, here’s a video of the Old Faithful Inn, my soon to be ex place of employment.

Now just imagine the place with about a thousand tourists in it and a noise level way above the safety standards. 

Here are the characters of the day.

Ronnie works in housekeeping at the Inn.  This jovial fellow is from Ohio.  Not giving him my address.

His favorite word is “groovy.”  Haven’t heard that one in a while.

As odd as he can be, the man is sweet and plays the piano like a dream.  The Inn has a piano on the second floor where he regularly entertains guests. 

Ronnie wanted me to sit on his lap for the picture.  Not an option.

Michael, a 20 year old from Miami, Florida, usually works behind the desk with me.  Today, he was working as a bellman.

Michael is either going to be a sniper or the ruler of the world.  I have warned him to use his powers wisely.

He is a born wheeler dealer, schmoozer, con artist and politician all rolled into one.  He knows everyone and gets invited everywhere.

I love the “man/boy” as one of the managers called him the other day.

So that’s the news from Yellowstone Park where the word  “normal” is seldom heard.